Dear Dad…


Dear Dad,

Thank you.

For encouraging me to follow my dreams.

For not telling me I should do something else when I was younger and told you that I wanted to be the color commentator (along with John Davidson) in the New York Rangers broadcast booth.

For being as excited as I was, if not more, when I got my first sports internship, my job at MLB, my job at Sports Illustrated, my first byline on

For watching sports with me, even the ones you’re not too fond of.

For sharing your love of sports with me.

For having those in-depth sports conversations with me and admitting when I was right and you were wrong. For teaching me the basics and the intricacies.

For sending me all of those care packages of Sports Illustrated and the Sunday Sports Section while I was away at camp.

For letting me pick up Grandpa Morris for family dinners, once I was old enough to drive, so we could take a trip down Yankee memory lane and he could tell me stories. (I miss those.)

For taking me to Spring Training in Fort Lauderdale and Tampa where all we watched was batting practice and fielding drills for hours on end.

For encouraging me to write more, especially about sports.

For telling me how proud Grandpa would be if he could see what I wrote about our connection through the Yankees.

For the smile on your face when I get into deep sports conversations with men where you live and they have shock  on their but your face just says, “That’s my daughter!” And you tell them “I told you so.”

For telling me that I can do anything I want to do, if I put my heart and mind into it.

For taking me to see WWF for my 12th birthday.

For not telling me I can’t pursue a career in professional sports because I’m a woman.

You see Dad, I  have been lucky enough to have you, Jeff*, Grandpa Jack, Grandpa Morris, Uncle Arny and tons of male friends and colleagues encourage me every day of my life. But, there are men out there that actually don’t believe that women have a place in male sports beyond being cheerleaders. That we couldn’t possibly know all that they know because we’re women. They try to “mansplain” (enjoy the chuckle you’ll get out of that word) things to us when they think they know more than us. They call us nasty words and wish harmful things upon us because we have an opinion that differs from their’s. They say “Well, actually…” when we are speaking from personal and professional experience and they’re at home behind their computers.  They don’t question Mike Emrick’s place in the broadcast both, even though he has admittedly never played a day of hockey in his life. But, do question Jessica Mendoza’s place in the ESPN booth, even though she is an Olympic gold and silver medalist and 4-time First Team All-American in softball!  I could go on about the nastiness, but you get the idea.

So, again… THANK YOU, DAD. Thank you never telling me I couldn’t do what I love to do because I’m a woman.



P.S. Mom.. I love you too. Thank you for all of your support.

*For those of you who don’t know, Jeff is my brother.



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Some Exciting News

I have some exciting news to share and I also need your help!

Earlier this month I started working with Mattingly Charities (yes, as in Don Mattingly). No, I’m not leaving Sports Illustrated, this is something additional, but an opportunity I couldn’t possibly turn down. I will be running all of the social for the organization, as well as keeping the website looking, as the kids say, on point.

Now, here’s where I need your help!  We want to get the word out about the relaunch of the website (it went live TODAY!), the very cool event that will be happening in Evansville, Indiana on December 3rd, and of course the social media pages.

Please follow/like our social pages and please tell your friends to do the same:

What’s Mattingly Charities? Well, I’m glad you asked!

Mattingly Baseball Charities has been created to serve underprivileged youth by supporting programs which promote baseball and softball participation in conjunction with other developmentally related activities. Mattingly Charities will provide funding and services and equipment for baseball, softball, and ultimately other sports, and related youth development activities, for the benefit of underprivileged youth, youth leagues, and social welfare and related organizations. 100% of the efforts of the organization will be focused on these activities.

Thanks in advance for your support!

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Some Sports Illustrated writing I’ve done

Hi readers!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted. Sorry for being lazy, but as I said when I started this blog, I would only write when I felt like it and not just to write.

Anyway, as many of you know, I work at Sports Illustrated and our hockey editors have been nice enough to let me write a few things.

Back in February, I traveled up to Lake Placid, NY and covered the 35th anniversary of the Miracle on Ice:

Poignant reunion for the Miracle on Ice team at Lake Placid

Miracle on Ice players recall their iconic Sports Illustrated cover – Originally I was only supposed to write one post, but I spoke to some of the players about their cover and what they said was just too amazing not to write about. Ken Morrow actually brought it up to me when I told him where I work!  To be honest, I could have sat around and spoken to Jack O’Callahan for hours.

Currently, has a series called “Gut-Punch Losses.” Hey, gotta fill the summer pages somehow!

June 13, 2014- Game 5 Stanley cup Final – Being the resident life-long overly passionate Rangers fan, I was asked to write about their worst loss. Now, what I wrote about wasn’t their worst loss I’ve ever watched, but it was honestly the first game that came to mind. That said, writing about it brought back all the terrible memories of that game.

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The End of a Yankee and a Family Era

**NOTE: I’m posting this on Sunday as Derek Jeter has already left the game after going 1-2 with an RBI single at Fenway Park, but wrote this on Friday morning with my emotions still raw from Thursday night.**

I took this photo at the first game ever played at the new Yankee Stadium back in 2009  (Photo: Stefanie Gordon)

I took this photo at the first game ever played at the new Yankee Stadium back in 2009 (Photo: Stefanie Gordon)

Last night I witnessed the end of an Era. Not only was last night the final home game of Derek Jeter’s amazing Hall of Fame career, but also the last game I will witness with the connection between my grandfathers’ Yankees and my Yankees still intact. Yes, the Yankees have three more games to play up in Boston, but I am typing this on my way to Madison, Wisconsin to watch my University of South Florida Bulls take on my brother’s University of Wisconsin Badgers for the first time ever tomorrow afternoon. So chances of seeing another Yankees game live are slim. Yes, I have the DVR set for Sunday, but watching a game on replay is just never the same as watching it live (I watched Jeter’s last AB live on my phone, isn’t the future great?! And yes…I teared up).

Derek Jeter hits an RBI double in the first inning  (Photo: Stefanie Gordon)

Derek Jeter hits an RBI double in the first inning (Photo: Stefanie Gordon)

If we’re friends or family you know my connection to the Yankees runs deep. My grandfathers saw amazing milestones at Yankee Stadium like Lou Gehrig’s speech, Don Larson’s perfect game, Chris Chambliss’ home run, etc etc etc. My grandfathers weren’t just Yankees fans, they were baseball fans they loved and respected the game. My Grandpa Morris was probably the biggest Yankees fan you could have ever met. He would watch games, or talk about the team whenever possible. Even when we all moved to Florida, when I was in high school, and he was forced to watch the Marlins, he still spoke about the Yankees. I’ve told this story before, give my grandfather a date, he probably could have told you if the Yankees played, who pitched, who scored the winning run, etc. Grandpa Morris shared his love of the Bronx Bombers with my dad. And my brother and I inherited that love from our dad.

Derek Jeter celebrates his game winning, walk-off hit.  (Photo: Stefanie Gordon)

Derek Jeter celebrates his game winning, walk-off hit. (Photo: Stefanie Gordon)

The day my Grandpa Morris died, the Yankees clinched the American League to face the Arizona Diamondbacks in the 2001 World Series. I remember being on my phone with my dad, sad that my grandpa was gone and instead of consoling my dad over the loss of his father, he was consoling me. My dad’s words that evening will live with me forever, “Go watch and root on the Yankees, that’s what Grandpa would want you to do.” Of course, that’s what I did. A few days later, my family gathered in New Jersey for my grandpa’s funeral. As we stood by the grave, my father spoke about the man his father was and his last words were of course about my grandfather’s connection to the Yankees (and I’m paraphrasing here…this was 13 years ago) “My dad saw some great Yankee players, from Babe Ruth, to Lou Gehrig, to Joe Gordon, to Mickey Mantle (Dad’s favorite player), to Derek Jeter. That’s pretty cool.” Wow…can you imagine being that lucky? Who else was that lucky? My grandfathers were both over 90 years old when they passed in 2000 and 2001. That’s A LOT of Yankees baseball.

CC Sabathia and Brett Gardner give Derek Jeter his much deserved Gatorade shower.  (Photo: Stefanie Gordon)

CC Sabathia and Brett Gardner give Derek Jeter his much deserved Gatorade shower. (Photo: Stefanie Gordon)

So last night was the last Yankees connection I had to my grandfathers. The last of the players they watched are no longer wearing pinstripes and Bob Sheppard. All gone. No more. Sure, we’ll probably (hopefully) always hear Mr. Sheppard welcome us to Yankee Stadium. Welcome us to Old Timer’s Day. Tell us we’re watching the Yes Network. But we’ll never hear him announce a player as they come up to the plate. No more, “Now batting for the Yankees number 2, Derek Jeter, number 2.” Almost fittingly, the last time we heard that was right before the captain laced an opposite field walk-off hit in the bottom of the ninth. Only thing more perfect would have been if he did that to win the World Series. Unfortunately, that wasn’t meant to be. Mr Sheppard’s voice during a game is now just a memory. Something we’ll only hear during “Yankees Classics.”

I often wonder what my grandfathers would think of the new Yankee Stadium. They’d probably say the same thing my dad did the first time he saw it “It’s cool….but it’s not the same.” Ok, they wouldn’t have said, “cool” but you get the idea.

Ok, I’ve gone on too much of a tangent. Possibly because I had about 4 hours of sleep last night and I’m typing through tears. Tears from exhaustion. Tears that I’ll never get to see my favorite player lead his team onto the field again. Tears that I’ll never get to see my favorite player in pinstripes again (yeah…Old Timers Day doesn’t count). Tears that the last Yankee connection I had to my grandfathers is now hanging up his cleats.

One last time at shortstop  (Photo: Stefanie Gordon)

One last time at shortstop (Photo: Stefanie Gordon)

I’m lucky to have witnessed last night in person. I’m lucky to have witnessed Derek Jeter’s full career, even as a prospect at Spring Training while he wore number 74. I’m lucky that I still have my dad to share more Yankees memories with. Joe DiMaggio famously said, “I want to thank the good lord for making me a Yankee.” Well, I want to thank my grandfathers for making me a Yankees fan.

Here are my photos from Thursday night:

Derek Jeter tips his cap to the Yankee fans (Photo: Stefanie Gordon)

Derek Jeter tips his cap to the Yankee fans (Photo: Stefanie Gordon)

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I’m going to keep this short and sweet (Just like me).

I love my job. It’s one of the best jobs I’ve ever had. I love the people I work with, and the challenges it provides me everyday. But I’m looking for another job.

No, I’m not leaving SI and I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon. To be honest, I just need some extra income. But I need something that is flexible with my SI schedule. (Please do not suggest Rodan & Fields)

I’m looking for something either in social media or event planning (which some of you know, I did in my former professional life).

I think a position in social media is more realistic. I know there are companies/restaurants/etc out there that need services like I can provide, I just need help finding them. Depending on the pay scale, ideally this new position would only require 10-15 hours a week.  I would be happy to discuss contract work instead of an hourly wage as well.

Event planning is also an option. Maybe working with a wedding planner or someone needing extra help during their events?

Of course, a mixture of the two be great also.

Anyway, If you know someone looking for help, or if you’re looking for help, please reach out.  You can find my resume at   THANKS!

If you’ve made it this far and you’re on Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn…please pass this post along. Thanks again!

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I’m going to be doing what?!?!?!

As some of you may, or may not know, WPIX here in NYC televises about 30 Mets games a season. Beginning Saturday night, I will be covering these games for PIX, live blogging, tweeting, interviewing, etc. The past few years I have added many new experiences to my professional life, and for 2014 it’ll be reporting from a MLB press box! This isn’t a full time position and it’s only for the games that are on PIX, but I am very excited and thankful…ok and maybe a little nervous…for this new opportunity.  Huge thank you to Brian Reich for referring me for the job!

You’ll be able to follow my live game blog at and tweets at @MetsonPIX11 (Which will be up and running by game time Saturday!).  So…I guess I should go and read up on the Mets.




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Thoughts on Derek Jeter’s Announcement

I’m sitting here on the verge of tears (shut up) as I read that Derek Jeter will retire at the end of this season. I have always hoped he would just announce that he was done after a season. No farewell tour, no final game at the Stadium. Just a “thanks for the memories” announcement once the Yankees season was over. This is not to be.


Photo by me

Now, I sit here having to prepare myself for my favorite player’s final season. This is more difficult for me to process than Mariano’s announcement last February. I suppose last season was a dry run for “Life after Jeter” since he missed most of the season due to injury. But he was alway there, when not rehabbing, rooting on the team from the dugout and we always had the thought in the back of our minds “Well, if he can get healthy, he’ll play again this season”.


Photo by me

So here we are Yankees fans. We’re facing our last season with the Captain. #2. The face of the Yankees since 1996. The player who only wanted to grow up to be a New York Yankee. How will things be after this season? Who knows. But one thing I do know. I am lucky that I was raised a Yankees fan (Thank you Dad, Grandpa Jack and Grandpa Morris). That Derek Jeter is our shortstop and has been a constant for so many years, and I’ll miss seeing him on the field, doing his jump throw, holding his hand out to the umpire has he readies himself in the batters box and being the first player to congratulate a teammate for scoring a run. A generation of athletes have grown up watching Derek Jeter and looking to him as a role model of how player should be.


Photo by me.

Of course now I need to reevaluate my plans for the last weekend of the baseball season. I had planned on flying to Madison, Wisconsin to see South Florida play Wisconsin at Camp Randall on Saturday and then possibly drive to Milwaukee on Sunday to see a Brewers game. But now, with Jeter’s announcement, I have to ask myself: Do I forgo this trip and make plans to be at Fenway Park on 9/28/14? Or, do I still go to Madison and let 9/25/14 at the Stadium be the last time I see Derek Jeter play a (regular season) game?  Some of you might laugh, but this is a serious thing I will have to contemplate.

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