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So I was on a plane to Florida…

Monday morning after only a couple hours of sleep thanks to a late night at Yankee Stadium, I boarded a plane from LaGuardia Airport to Palm Beach to visit my parents. It was just another too early Monday morning flight, … Continue reading

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The Last One

Five weeks from tonight my friend is getting married. In the past I have looked forward to weddings as a time to see friends I don’t normally get to see.  Especially with this group since we live all over the … Continue reading

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The Perfect Position

Some of my earliest memories involve ice hockey rinks, baseball, and softball fields. Through my father and grandfathers, I was raised not to be a fan of a specific team, but to appreciate all forms of sporting. They taught me … Continue reading

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I started my blog back in August to give myself an added voice.  I have been able to share the highs and lows of my life here on this page.  Sure I already do that on Twitter, on my Facebook page and … Continue reading

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I’m in a funk.  I hate this feeling.  It is a feeling of emptiness, feeling of being unfulfilled and knowing something is missing. I know some of it has to do with my professional life, I’ve been working for the same company … Continue reading

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Ghosts of IMs Past

I just found myself searching for an semi-recent email within my gmail account.  What a mistake!  While searching for the email, I came across some old IMs from someone I used to be quite close with, ahhh…..the wonders of gmail … Continue reading

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Fantasy Hockey

Some who know me might see the headline and think this post will be about Henrik Lundqvist the starting goalie for the New York Rangers who is, for lack of a better word…..beautiful. But nope. Since 2003 I have been … Continue reading

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