Response from Delta and my response to them

As you might have read the other day, I had a slight issue flying out to Denver for my friend’s wedding on July 30th. Thank you to everyone who took the time to read my story and especially for those of you on twitter that retweeted my story.

This morning I received this letter from Delta’s Customer Care Coordinator, Kathy Johnston:

Thank you for alerting us to the many inconveniences you were caused as a result of the cancellation of Flight 1923 on July 30.  On behalf of Delta Air Lines, I would like to extend my sincere apology for your delayed arrival into Denver.

Your comments are well received and your frustration is understandable.  When Flight 1923 cancelled, our records show we had confirmed you on a Delta flight departing Newark at 3:29 p.m. on July 30.  However, I also understand your travel was time sensitive and you called our reservations agent for assistance with an earlier flight.  You said he called United Airlines and confirmed you on an earlier United flight.  I am truly sorry for any miscommunication that may have occurred regarding the fact that it was necessary for you to go to the Delta Air Lines ticket counter to have your ticket changed.  We understand United also asked you to go to Delta to have your ticket rewritten and you chose to purchase a ticket directly from United Airlines.  Unfortunately, we cannot refund the money you paid to another carrier.

However, I will redeposit the unused mileage of 20,000 miles from your award ticket back into your SkyMiles account.  As a further gesture of goodwill, I have added an additional 10,000 bonus miles to your SkyMiles account.  The mileage should show up in your account in 3-5 business days.

Regarding your questions about our timetables, respectfully air travel will never be completely free to disruptions as we are determined to do our utmost to provide the most efficient service possible with safety being our number one priority.  Flight 1923 had been cancelled as a result of extreme weather conditions and excessive Air Traffic Control (ATC) delays.

I want to thank you, again, for taking the time to write.  I hope you will reconsider your views of Delta Air Lines and provide us with a future opportunity to restore your confidence.

Here’s my biggest problem with this letter:

“I am truly sorry for any miscommunication that may have occurred regarding the fact that it was necessary for you to go to the Delta Air Lines ticket counter to have your ticket changed.”

There was no miscommunication; I was NOT told I had to do this.  Had I been told when I was rebooked on the United flight that this was necessary, I would have arrived at the airport earlier and went to the Delta terminal to have my ticket changed.

“We understand United also asked you to go to Delta to have your ticket rewritten and you chose to purchase a ticket directly from United Airlines.”

With only one hour to get to the Delta terminal, return to the United Terminal, get through security, and get to the gate. No reasonable person could possibly think this was feasible, so the only option was to purchase a ticket.

Lastly, my issue isn’t with the flight being cancelled, but the time after the flight was cancelled that I was notified.  If Delta had taken steps to notify me as soon as my flight was cancelled there would have been more time to find a reasonable alternative.

How am I supposed to have my confidence resorted in Delta airlines if their lack of communication has cost me $1,300? In my eyes Delta has not made this right in the slightest.


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1 Response to Response from Delta and my response to them

  1. Juddah Kie says:

    Sorry Stef. I wish this was resolved in your favor.

    Wait for a friend to need a flight somewhere. Buy the flight with the additional 10,000 miles, and ask your friend to pay you instead of paying the airline.

    Just trying to figure out a way for you to recoup your $$$ back.

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