It’s Been Awhile

When I started this blog over a year ago I said I wouldn’t blog…just to blog.  Well today I’m breaking my rule. It’s been a few months since I wrote anything, mostly because I didn’t feel like I had anything to write about that I thought others would want to read.  I’m just going to update those of you who might not have intimate knowledge of my life aka are not my friend or don’t follow me on Twitter..and if you don’t follow me on Twitter…WOW are you missing out! (ok, maybe not)

Let’s see…since I last blogged I moved out of Hoboken, New Jersey and back into Manhattan (WOOHOO!).  Still do not have a full time job, but I am working on an exciting project called the Mystic Writers Conference, you can learn a little more about it here.

Remember that photo I took back in May?  Nope…not one of Mariano Rivera…or Derek Jeter…the one of the Space Shuttle Endeavour…ahh…now you remember.  Well anyway, I found out earlier today that Twitter has named one of the tweets I sent including the photo, as the #6 top tweet of 2011 and showcased me in a @TwitterStories.  I am going to have some more exciting news about the photo…but not ready to announce it just yet.  I did, however, enter the photo in National Geographic’s 2011 photo contest….I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I win.  Wouldn’t mind winning $10,000 for a photo I took on my iPhone!

So hopefully soon I’ll have some semblance of exciting news…for now feel free to take a look at photos I have taken, and posted on Flickr (although I have not posted some Yankees photos I took at the end of the season…maybe this weekend)!


December 7th Update:  Time has chosen my photo as the #9 photo of the year!


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5 Responses to It’s Been Awhile

  1. JuddahKie (Vic) says:

    Hope you win the NatGeo contest. Can we vote for you, or does NatGeo select the winner themselves? Also, #6 top tweet of 2011 – Nice!! Goodluck with your project. Happy holidays,

  2. John Dougherty (johndoh12) says:

    Congrats on the #6 tweet, and good luck in the contest!!! I’m sure you’ll do great with the Mystic writers…and keep posting those pics, John.

  3. ssad says:

    Congrats!! Keep feeding us with awesome pictures!

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