Baseball…Baseball and well…more Baseball

I have been a partial Yankees season ticket holder for four seasons now.  One day I hope to have a full season.  For now…a 15 game package will have to do thanks to my bank account. Next Sunday will be my 29th (some of those games are thanks to my twitter friends for inviting me)  game of the season.  Yes….29th!  Best part of next Sunday’s game?  My dad will be with me and it will be his first visit to the new Big Ballpark in the South Bronx.  He has already told me he wants to be there right when the gates open so I can show him around.  I cannot wait.

It is also my mission to see a game (hopefully the Yankees) in every major league ballpark.  So far I have seen games in:

Yankee Stadium (old)
Yankee Stadium (new)
Shea Stadium (RIP…ok not really..more like good riddance)
Citi Field
Turner Field
RFK Stadium (RIP)
Nationals Park
Tropicana Field
Olympic Stadium (RIP)
Fenway Park
Citizens Bank Ballpark
Camden Yards
Joe Robbie Stadium (I refuse to call it anything else)
Minute Maid Park
Chase Field
Angels Stadium of Anaheim
Dodger Stadium
Coors Field

This season I have watched games in D.C., NY (both stadiums/Fields), Arizona, Colorado, Anaheim and Los Angeles…man I get around….


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4 Responses to Baseball…Baseball and well…more Baseball

  1. Juddah Kie says:

    I hope you and your Dad enjoy the game next Sunday. Take him up to the Metro North “Bridge” (Near the bat where the “caterpillar” walkover bridge was) so he can get an aerial view and see where OLD Yankee Stadium stood. Very big and emtpy – but the courthouse still stands!

    You’ve been to a lot of different ballparks/stadiums. That’s great. I’ve been to a bunch myself but not as many as you (yet).

    • He’ll be coming off the 4 train so he’ll see the big hole right away. Going to 5 new ballparks this season was a record for me. Gotta wait until the 2011 schedule comes out to see where I’m going next season.

  2. Not on your list… Great American Ball Park … I love it, and well Im partial to my reds but come and check it out, I do know the yankees will be here 2011 season !!~!!

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