How the Other Half Lives

Friday, I crossed the moat! What’s the moat you ask? Well if you have ever been to Yankee Stadium or are a Yankees fan you know that the “moat” is the area that separates the kind of expensive seats in the ballpark from the ridiculously expensive seats in the ballpark.

Over the past two seasons I have sat everywhere from the 400’s with the foul pole obstructing my view, to section 117a behind the Yankees dugout. As much as I love my view from section 420B, I always wondered what it would be like to be waited on hand and foot in the fancy seats.

Friday, as my friend Amandaย and I arrived at the stadium we learned we would be sitting in Section 26, yes that’s the Legends seats, 8 rows off the field . As we walked into the Suite Entrance we were greeted with smiling faces and given wristbands which gave us access to the suite.

Fancy bracelets for the fancy seats

The Legends Suite restaurant is two, yes two, floors of seating and food. Before eating we walked downstairs and headed out to our seats. Just before the doors was a wall full of chips, Cracker Jacks, chocolates and Twizzlers for occupants to take at will, the treats would wait til later though. As I mentioned we were in Section 26, just past 3rd base.

Not a bad view huh?

We watched the Red Sox take batting practice and then headed back into the Suite for dinner. I was a little suspicious of the spread for the night, included were New England Clam Chowder, Crab Cake Sliders and crab legs. I wondered out loud “why is Boston friendly food being made available?” Well, also included in the buffet spread was sushi, pasta, and chicken as well as hot dogs. I didn’t know where to start! (I started with sushi and crab legs).

Before the game began we walked past 1st base and watched Derek Jeter and Robinson Cano long toss, Curtis Granderson (who waved at Amanda and me!), Brett Gardner, Mark Teixeira and Alex Rodriguez running and stretching.

Derek is SO close!!

Granderson and Gardner taking off

After being in Baltimore last Sunday for Andy Pettitte’s first start in three months we were confident that this start would be much of the same. Unfortunately, it wasn’t. But this post isn’t about the game….if you are reading this chances are you know how he pitched so I’m going to tell you more about the experience!

Alex was thisclose

Much like the field seats, there were menus waiting for us in our seats. Unlike the other menus, the food had no prices next to them. It was like being in a fancy restaurant, but unlike being in a fancy restaurant, the only items we had to pay for that night were alcohol! We gazed at the menu discussing food possibilities. Then noticed the martini, mojito and Bellini options. OH MY!

As the game was getting a little out of control and the waitress deciding to ignore us, Amanda headed into the suite to find some dinner. As Andy’s night was over and Sergio Mitre was entering the game, I decided to join her at the bar. Normally I am a beer girl, but seeing as though we were in the fancy seats, we both decided to have fancy drinks. We asked Christopher the bartender to make us something strong but sweet. He suggested a Tokyo Iced Tea. Just like a Long Island Iced Tea, a Tokyo Iced Tea is basically alcohol.

Tokyo Iced Tea

As we enjoyed our drinks, conversation with Christopher the bartender (who looked a tad like Ramiro Pena), and a selection from the desserts table, the game continued outside and on the TVs in front of us. Missing the experience we ventured back to our seats just in time for God Bless America. I was taking photos of some of the Red Sox and realized that I got one of Kevin Youkilis. Surprisingly, he didn’t break my camera. I will also spare you from the photo I took.

The Yankees had a four run 7th inning which included home runs from Nick Swisher and Alex Rodriguez, Alex’s 2nd of the game and number 610 of his career.

Alex crosses the plate after number 610

See ya Sosa…next up….Junior!

The Yankees added one run in the bottom of the 9th but lost 10-8 to the rival Sox. Once the game was over instead of being rushed out of the stadium and heading for the subway, we took our time leaving the seats and taking pictures. Then we found out the bar inside was open 90 minutes past the final pitch. We made our way back to Christopher for more drinks and conversation. This time we decided on Jolly Rancher drinks, something I probably haven’t drank since college and Saturday morning I remembered why. Much like our adventures in California for the Yankees v. Dodgers series, Amanda and I closed down the bar when a very friendly NYPD officer informed us it was closing time.

Looking back on the night I tried to take in as much as possible. No, I didn’t take pictures inside the Suite, I didn’t want to be “that person”. The suite could make you easily forget that you’re inside a baseball stadium and outside a game is going on. Thankfully, for all the photos if past players and memorabilia you can’t forget that you are actually at a baseball game. If you have never sat in these seats, it is everything you’ve heard:

Gluttonous. Amazing. Unlike any other baseball experience you have ever had…etc etc

I always knew I would sit in the “fancy” seats one day, but I expected it to be around my birthday and I would have to buy them off of Stub Hub and hopefully not for an exorbitant amount of money.

I am about to head to the Stadium one last time during the 2010 regular season. Tonight I return to my seats behind home plate in section 420B where I will have to pay for my food…and I’m ok with that.

I love my view….and my seats!


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41 Responses to How the Other Half Lives

  1. Terry (yankeetdm) says:

    Looks like you had a great time! Glad you got to experience the other side! Soooo jealous of your regular seats!!

  2. How fun! There’s something about sitting in a stand at a baseball game. The Suite would be nice, too:)

  3. Anna and Her Biro says:

    Thanks for this. I’m not a sporting girl but it’s good to see it from your perspective. I’m heading to Weombly next month to watch the Rugby – I really hope they have some delicious cocktails there!!!

    Congrats on getting onto Freshly Pressed.

    Anna x

    • Thanks! I am a big sports fan and this was definitely a treat. Rugby is a great sport. Fun to watch, enjoy the match. And thanks…still not exactly sure what the whole “Freshly Pressed” thing is…but it’s kind of exciting!

  4. paulrdavis says:

    Sounds like a ton of fun! I’m not a baseball fan; I enjoy football. But I can certainly relate to the atmosphere. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Juddah Kie says:


    Great blog entry. Love the pictures at the end of each paragraph putting a visual on what I just read. I’m glad you had a great time and got a chance to experience that. I wish you would have been “That girl” and took pictures of the suite, which i’ll probably never see in my lifetime. lol

    I did cross the moat once.

    The day before opening 2009 (actually it was the day before the Cubs exhibition game), the Yankees held “open practice” and season ticket holders were allowed in to the stadium (for what would have been everyone’s very first time) to walk around, take a look at the stadium and all the clubs, bars, suites etc.

    The Yankee’s hope was that people would see these areas, and buy tickets to access those areas.

    Funny story. A few days earlier (April 1st) Skippy (former 3rd base ball boy and my friend) called and said come to the stadium, Jeter is here and you can meet him (Skippy introduced me to a lot of Yankees before. This was common). I checked the Spring Training line up and Jeter was not in it (It was the final ST game in Tampa)

    It was raining (same weather as today) and I left work, jumped in the car and hit the Deegan. Got to the stadium and called Skippy. He’s let me in to the clubhouses befoe at the old Stadium) He and the other clubhouse attendants (who I also knew) yelled “April’s Fools”!!

    Humiliated, Wet and ready to fuck someone up, Skippy’s boss Lou Cucuzza (sp) felt bad and got me tickets to the open practice (on the other half’s side of the moat).

    When I went to the practice, I walked in the Mohegan Sun Sports Bar (Batter’s Eye) and all the Suites I could get to (Audi suite, etc). I took pictures of everything (I can share if you like) because I knew I would never be back in those areas again. =o)

    Thanks for sharing you Experience on “How the other half live” lol

    Seems like all you and I will ever have is a small piece of their pie (Although your half was a lot bigger than mine) lol

  6. eurybe08 says:

    Great Post! Looks like you had quite an experience. At least you were able to experience the luxury and benefits of being seated on the high roller streets.

  7. Glad to hear you had a good time! Go Rays!

  8. ryoko861 says:

    It’s always fun to treat yourself to new experiences! Pampering is a good thing!

    Saw the game last night on tv and fell asleep. Thanks for the recap!

  9. hemlock1981 says:

    As a die-hard Yankee Fan who lives in Kansas City now, I rarely get the opportunity to get to Yankee Stadium anymore , and haven’t been to the New Yankee Stadium as of yet. Congratulations on the self-imposed seat upgrade (even for only one game). I used to always sit in right field watching Paul O’Neal and Dave Winfield.

  10. Wait…they serve alcohol in the stadium up until after the last pitch?! Is that true in the cheap seats, too? Here they cut you off after the 7th…

  11. lbwong says:

    Those are some incredible shots (and yes, sooo close!) Congrats on Freshly Pressed! LB

  12. sayitinasong says:

    What a glam way to watch baseball! I would have loved that! ;o)… then again a ball game is a ball game- I used to love to sit in the (cheap) seats on a beautiful day with my hot dog and beer watch the Rockies play….

    • Thanks! My regular seats are in the 2nd to last row of the stadium behind home plate (the last picture in the blog post). This was definitely a treat Friday night, but I was happy to be back in my seats last night.

  13. There is nothing like being in a major league stadium. Then to up that experience, ah, what a night. Great post.

  14. jblack55 says:

    Nice post and good pics! It is awesome you travel to the games at the other ballparks. Yanks to the series!


  15. yarbroughm says:

    Too bad A-Rod juiced so if/when he passes Griffey it won’t even matter. However, even though I’m a Mets fan, cool article and congrats on getting Freshly Pressed.

  16. metaphase says:

    I’m a complete and utter Red Sox fan, but I can put that aside for a moment for the appreciation of the game itself- and the seats. Nice seats. How did you get them? Did I miss that part? It’s nice to see any sports fan enjoying their team. (Ok, so it would have been nicer for me if it weren’t about the Yankees, but….) ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. adamansel says:

    I’m a Dodger fan, but have never had an experience like that at Dodger Stadium, I think I might need to take a trip to New York!

  18. agentNERDY says:

    Looked like an amazing night! Cant say I’m not a little jealous hehe ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope you can do it again and soon :O)

  19. Pingback: NY Yankees 2010 Final Regular Season Home Game: This One Had It All | The OCD Chick

  20. blackwatertown says:

    Wow! Bellinis at the ball game – that would be living. (And so is Tokyo Iced Tea I suppose.)

  21. wry2010 says:

    You had a diva-esque MLB experience; I and the rest of sports fans are jealous! Congrats on your awesome seats at the game and on being FP!

  22. clairela says:

    Nice post! I miss NYC. I was still living there when the new stadium was being built. It’s always fun to get a bit spoiled, but the regular seats don’t seem quite so bad ๐Ÿ˜‰

  23. Wow. A wall of food. Am I the only one thinking “damn I wish I brought a napsack?”

    Looks like you had a great time!

  24. Evie Garone says:

    Congrats on being Freshly Pressed and your Great Seats!! I wouldn’t mind having a few of those tasty drinks! Sounds like you had fun, but I can’t imagine staying inside and watching it on the screens the whole time, gotta go outside and get the full effect!! I LOVE the YANKEES!!!

    • Thank you! Very exciting. I have been to about 40 baseball games this season. All but 3 were Yankees games and it was the first time I had an experience like this. We were only inside by the bar for 2-3 innings. The whole experience was unreal.

  25. educlaytion says:

    Well, I’m not a Yankees fan (although I do like Jeter), but I’m also not antagonistic for no reason. I’m a default Pirates fan (yeah, that bad) so I have to root for my backup team the Twins every year. Congrats on making it across the moat (and on being Pressed). If you ever come to Pittsburgh just walk up to the gate at PNC Park and ask to sit where you can touch the dirt on the field. I do it all the time, so it’s not very exclusive. Then again, we don’t really have a team that anyone want to see (~sigh~)

  26. marcys says:

    Hell, I’m impressed. Guess I’ll have to surf around your site to find out why and how you got celebrity treatment. Thank you for sparing us a picture of You-Kill-Us.

  27. Andrea Dodet says:

    Really beautiful article, keep up the good work!

  28. Yankee Stadium is over priced, but I didn’t realize how much you got for your buck.
    Why are you hating on Youkillis? He is the man. YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUKKKKKK!!!!!! Go Sox!!
    I must say though, a good article.

  29. Alison Faye says:

    Well. All I’m gonna say is, I’m jealous. But you knew that. I had no idea all that was involved with the Legends Seats. Next year, I’ll treat you if you treat me and we can call it our birthday presents. =)
    Great article!

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