Fantasy Hockey

Some who know me might see the headline and think this post will be about Henrik Lundqvist the starting goalie for the New York Rangers who is, for lack of a better word…..beautiful.

Henrik Lundqvist poses for Vanity Fair in this year's Hockey Fights Cancer tie

But nope.

Since 2003 I have been in a Fantasy Baseball League with some Washington D.C. area people, including my good friends Beth and Darryl.  Fun Fact: My first year, our draft was held as the U.S. declared war on Iraq. Needless to say the draft took much longer than usual.

Every year since, I have been asked to join fantasy hockey and football leagues as well. Every year I turned down the invitations, always saying playing fantasy baseball was enough and other sorted excuses.

Today marks a new day. A fellow tweeter Drew requested I join his league. After a long internal debate and slight begging on his part, I have decided to play fantasy hockey. My team name is No Puck Bunnies Here.  What’s a Puck Bunny?  A Puck Bunny is woman who takes more interest in the players off the ice than the game itself.  (PG version of the definition) While I do tend to tweet about Henrik and call him #SexyBlueEyedGoalie along with commenting on other better than average looking players, I am and always have been a sports fan first. Hence, I am NO puck bunny!

Right now it seems that I am the only female in the league…..SHOCKING!

The draft is Monday night. This should be interesting….here goes nothing.


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1 Response to Fantasy Hockey

  1. Juddah Kie says:

    As a former Ranger season ticket holder (Blue seats – Potvin sucks! 32nd year of that chant this season) I love the sport. I played fantasy hockey from around 1998 (USA TODAY box scores…holla) up until a couple years ago.

    Good luck this year – It’ll keep you busy during the hot stove season. Let us know how you do.

    PS – love your team’s name!

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