Ladies and Gentleman..I present: No Puck Bunnies 2010-2011

So I know what you all are thinking….wasn’t your fantasy hockey draft supposed to be Monday?  Well yes loyal readers….it was supposed to be Monday but it happened last night.   We had to postpone because of lack of teams and then something called the American League Division Series, more specifically the Yankees games.

With the 10th pick in the draft, No Puck Bunnies Here chose:

Henrik Zetterberg– Detroit Red Wings
Ryan Kesler– Vancouver Canucks
Stephen Weiss– Florida Panthers
Derek Stepan– New York Rangers

Left Wing:
Ilya Kovalchuk– New Jersey Devils
Rick Nash– Columbus Blue Jackets
Brenden Morrow– Dallas Stars

Right Wing:
Nathan Horton– Boston Bruins
Mike Knuble– Washington Capitals

Defense (or Defence for my friends to the North):
Christian Ehrhoff– Vancouver Canucks
Zach Bogosian– Atlanta Thrashers
Marc Staal– New York Rangers
Dustin Byfuglien– Atlanta Thrashers
Jack Johnson– Los Angeles Kings

Henrik Lundqvist– New York Rangers
Jaroslav Halak– St. Louis Blues

Yes…Lundqvist was my first pick.  Kovalchuk was my second. It was between Ilya and his former Atlanta Thrashers teammate and current San Jose Shark, Dany Heatly.

I’m pretty happy about my picks.  Would I have liked Alex Ovechkin?  Sure.  But he was the 1st overall pick.  Many of my players also play multiple positions…well Left or Right Wing. BUT, Dustin Byfuglien plays Defense and Right Wing.

For those of you who follow me on Twitter, taking Derek Stepan should be no surprise. I am a huge fan of his even though he is only a rookie.  Earlier this year he was the captain of the U.S. World Junior’s Gold Medal winning team.  He also played for my brother’s Alma mater, University of Wisconsin.

As I suspected in my last post, I am the only female in my ten team fantasy hockey league. Time for me to take on the boys….


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3 Responses to Ladies and Gentleman..I present: No Puck Bunnies 2010-2011

  1. Terry (yankeetdm) says:

    Kick some ass Stef!

  2. Juddah Kie says:

    Let us know how it’s going. Give us updates!

    Good Luck.

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