Mini-Sticks for Mikko

If there are two things I love, it’s hockey and kids.  If there’s one thing I hate and I mean hate, it’s cancer.

Today I learned about a little boy from Hastings, Minn (home of Rangers forward Derek Stepan), John “Mikko” Gengen. Mikko is a 5- year old who has recently been diagnosed with Neuroblastoma.  I was asked to share Mikko’s story and “Mini-Sticks for Mikko”.  Friends of Mikko’s family are collecting mini hockey sticks for Mikko and his brothers as something for them look forward to while Mikko uses all his strength to fight this horrible disease.

Mikko – 2011-12 Hastings Blue Mites

Do you have any mini sticks laying around your home and really don’t know what to with them? DONATE THEM!  Don’t know what a mini stick is? Well here’s an example. Want to put a smile on a little boy’s face but don’t have a stick…go online or to a sporting goods store like Modells or the NHL store and buy one (or a few).  It is their mission to receive sticks from all over the world.

To learn more about Mikko, Mini-Sticks for Mikko and what sticks have been donated so far PLEASE click here. Like their Facebook Page! (But still hate cancer!)

OH! By the way, if you’re in the NYC area you don’t have to worry about mailing the stick(s) to Hastings! Bring the mini stick(s) to Foley’s NY Pub and Restaurant and get a free beer for every stick you donate during the NHL playoffs!

Thank you in advance!


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8 Responses to Mini-Sticks for Mikko

  1. Thanks for your help in spreading the word! Bring a smile to Mikko!

  2. stripes914 says:

    Sorry to hear about Mikko. I lost my Mom unexpectedly to lung cancer 12 years ago. Still dealing with that. I too HATE cancer.

    Thanks for spreading the word. I will try and help!

    If you tweet this to @abolishcancer they will spread the word even more to a kit of people.

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