I’m going to be doing what?!?!?!

As some of you may, or may not know, WPIX here in NYC televises about 30 Mets games a season. Beginning Saturday night, I will be covering these games for PIX, live blogging, tweeting, interviewing, etc. The past few years I have added many new experiences to my professional life, and for 2014 it’ll be reporting from a MLB press box! This isn’t a full time position and it’s only for the games that are on PIX, but I am very excited and thankful…ok and maybe a little nervous…for this new opportunity.  Huge thank you to Brian Reich for referring me for the job!

You’ll be able to follow my live game blog at PIX11.com/Mets and tweets at @MetsonPIX11 (Which will be up and running by game time Saturday!).  So…I guess I should go and read up on the Mets.





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2 Responses to I’m going to be doing what?!?!?!

  1. Newsproducer says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Way to go. Now…have fun with it.

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