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Just a girl, who has typical and not so typical girl thoughts. I'll be using this space to talk about anything and everything.

Open Letter to My Friends….

Thank you! Thank you for being there for me when I have needed you the past few months (or in some cases years).  For listening to me.  For giving me advice.  For keeping your thoughts to yourselves.  For telling me … Continue reading

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The Search Continues

It just hit me, I lost my job 3 months ago today. Three months since I walked into an office. Three months since I felt needed in a professional aspect. The first month I was relieved to not work for … Continue reading

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So I was on a plane to Florida…

Monday morning after only a couple hours of sleep thanks to a late night at Yankee Stadium, I boarded a plane from LaGuardia Airport to Palm Beach to visit my parents. It was just another too early Monday morning flight, … Continue reading

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Cluelessness and Sexism is Alive and Well in Sports

As a female sports fan I would like to believe that in 2011 sports teams, leagues and companies recognize they have a very large female following and they would do their best to market not only to men, but to … Continue reading

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What a Difference a Team Makes

March is always circled on the calendars of rabid baseball aficionados like myself.  When we flip our calendars to March it means baseball is only a month away from returning to our lives full-time. It is the time of year … Continue reading

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The Last One

Five weeks from tonight my friend is getting married. In the past I have looked forward to weddings as a time to see friends I don’t normally get to see.  Especially with this group since we live all over the … Continue reading

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The Perfect Position

Some of my earliest memories involve ice hockey rinks, baseball, and softball fields. Through my father and grandfathers, I was raised not to be a fan of a specific team, but to appreciate all forms of sporting. They taught me … Continue reading

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